Diane Colebrook


Operations Manager





About Diane Colebrook

Di hails from England and is another that was destined to spend her life with horses, as her parents had her riding as soon as she could sit safely on a pony.  As she grew older she found a passion for show jumping and also competed in dressage and eventing. When Di left school she worked at a vet clinic and then went onto college to complete her BHS exams and Advanced Diploma in Equine and Business Studies.

Di then immigrated to New Zealand where her passion for race horses truly began. After working as a freelance track rider and riding instructor, Di was offered the position as stud manager on a 400 acre property, which stood 4 stallions and cared for over 200 mares in the breeding season.

With the thoroughbred industry in New Zealand struggling Diane moved to Australia and worked as stable foreman at Shipton Lodge NSW, then furthered her vet nursing knowledge working at the highly regarded Randwick Equine Clinic in Sydney.

Di came to Armidale in 2014 with a wealth of knowledge and experience and has a real passion for all things equine.